Is the a great choice for Polos, Jackets, Hats, Bags, and much more for any company or event! Our New Tajima machines and our 23+ years of embroidery experience, we will make sure that your products look spectacular! Like our screen printing, all embroidery is done on-site and is constantly monitored by our family. Let our family help your team create, digitize and produce designs that will exceed your expectations.  



Digitizing is an important part of the embroidery process, and that is why we make sure its done perfectly. We have our digitizing service in-house here at BGS as well. We are able to make adjustments to your logo or if you need a design created, we can help you!


Every stitch counts.

Take your garment up a notch with high quality embroidery from BGS. Whether you need fifty or five thousand, our team is ready to produce exactly what you need.